Amna’s story

The modern and fast paced times we live in, the majority of our population is conditioned to resort to the conventional form of medical treatment by allopathy, which is formulated to address the “disease” but not the “dis-eased”.
In the pursuit to quickly rid the body of symptoms, providing quick gratification, it is the present norm to forget why the patient is suffering from that condition in the first place.
Our Fast Food culture has unfortunately ingrained in us the need to be in and out of the hospital, with quick symptomatic relief.
The incapacity to look at our dis-eased state as anything beyond the physical manifestation is a great loss of this generation.
Luckily Homeopathy is one of those rare forms of treatment and healing where the patient is humanely dealt by his healer as a whole package of physical, emotional, mental, pathological symptoms relating to his/her entire history, basically as a live being and not a lab rat!
And that takes, on the part of the healer and the client, to delve hand in hand, into the deep recesses of the mind and soul to better understand the nature of the ailment, in order to truly help and cure.
That process could take a significant amount of time, along with dedication and an experienced healer to bring about lasting results.
Such was the story of the star of this tale, Ms Amna.. a sensitive and a delicate human being, a hard working soul victimized by the inability of the modern society to understand her true malady.
When meeting the 42 year old back in August 2018, you pleasantly witnessed a tall, highly educated, self confident lady suited to the times, yet she arrived frail looking with a hand full of medical reports and diagnoses of multiple disorders troubling her for years now.
She arrived to meet me along with her brother, after being referred to me by a medical doctor.
Her search for cure had taken her through many top doctors, best homeopathic doctors in Lahore and herbalists, but to no effective and lasting results.
She had been diagnosed with and treated for Extreme Anxiety, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and digestive disorders amongst many other issues.
When she presented her case to me at our first consultation, in the presence of her brother, I was not able to get a clear and true picture of her indispositions so I advised her to either have another consultation by herself or present her case in an email for proper homeopathic case taking.
An integral part of treating patients with the art and science of homeopathy is the meticulousness of taking the case by the healer.
So in order to move forward it was vital for this patient to present her case in an open and unrestricted fashion.
Here is a look at how her multiple email correspondences along with phone discussions, finally, opened up a very complicated case facilitating a proper patient analysis:
Amna was brought up and raised abroad.
While Growing up as a child She never learnt how to express her emotions openly and fully, because of her parent’s constant attention on Her brother who was chronically sick.
Resulting, in him being angry and of an ill temperament, so as to keeping her parents worried about him at all times.
Amna would always be the quiet and patient child her parents could rely on. That attitude was also her way to garner love and attention from her parents in return.
And she successfully did so, but as fate would have it, this also became her initial training ground of self sacrifice, into having to deal with what her future held for her soon.
Having lived in a single family unit, there was a sense of loneliness and there was also a lack of social exposure, hence getting her married off into a joint family system was a priority to be fulfilled.
After getting married into one, Amna made sure of taking the utmost care of her family and in laws in order to keep relationships intact.
And That constant effort to keep things amicable at home single handedly obviously took toll on her when amongst other issues her husband and mother in law had opposing views on every single thing causing them to be at odds with each other at all times.
That meant Amna had to constantly choose between the two, to side with, and that also wasn’t without repercussions because siding with one meant opposing the other hence that would ensue yet another feud to be diffused.
With time and lots of complications, she learnt, that to side with her husband would perhaps be the wiser choice, but his troubling attitude with her also was a problem in itself that she had to learn to deal with.
The mother in law on the other hand would feel cornered and think badly of Amna’s inclination towards her husband so she would bad mouth her and wouldn’t let a chance escape where she could insult her, showing her down in front of others.
The selfish attitudes of both mother and son were becoming increasingly troubling for Amna, preventing her from expressing her views at all times!
The husband wouldn’t even let her cry, which would otherwise help her out to relieve her stress.
Trying to look for support amongst such people was an impossible task, pushing her further into a corner.
Being at her wit’s end, when Amna would take out her anger on the children as a result or be stressed out about all the negativity she had to face at home, the family started talking behind her back as if she was crazy which became unbearable for the husband to face.
So he resorted to getting Amna treated for her multiple emotional issues with conventional medical treatments, unfortunately which were making her symptoms even worse.
One day Amna awoke to a Panic Attack and had to be rushed to the hospital in an emergency.
And that day she Finally realized that she was not well after all and she started taking her condition more seriously and started looking to cure her malady with whatever means necessary.
But the big misfortune of our society, is that , we all are trained with believing deep set superstitions and dogmas , so is that it is quicker and easier to solely blame the individual for their ailing conditions than trying to help them to figure out the root of their problems.
So when no clear medical cause was diagnosed, due to the limited scope of the Allopathic model of treatment, the whole affair automatically became her fault, adding a notch to the long list of her troubles.
The family found a valid reason to prove their I’ll opinion of her.
As someone said,
Thanks to all the road blocks, detours and closed doors we experience in our lives, we are saved from paths and roads not safe for us.
So One positive thing that perhaps came of this was due to this mental and emotional upheaval, she began to realize the importance of trying to move on ahead and actively start working towards taking over her life.
But the bitter experiences had left her scarred on a deeper level so even after extensive amount of treatments and trying to distance herself from thoughts that caused such traumas she knew her physical body was not thriving.
The unrelenting pace of the modern life made it near impossible for her to take time out for herself in the proper manner to heal.
As she would herself exclaim, during this soul searching, she was luckily directed towards my Homeopathic practice.
But By the time fate had had us meet, Amna was already experiencing the following deteriorating health issues in her day to day to life..
– Her body was ailing and getting weaker by the day.
The mental stress on a routine basis would cause her to have
(پٹھوں میں گٹھلیاں درد اور کھلیاں پڑ جاتیں تھیں)
(After one month of treatment with homeopathic remedies, all the above issues were mostly resolved successfully)
Lethargic all the time on the physical and mental level.
(As soon as treatment started mental and physical strength was quickly returning)
Inability to eat or drink healthy, as she would not feel the hunger most of the times making her underweight.
She also developed food allergies as a result.
(After one month treatment , digestive and gastric issues have been resolved to an extent but they still do arise at times)
– SLEEP DEPRIVED, she was extremely disturbed by that and she would rarely feel rested by it by any amount of sleep.
(Now she sleeps a deep , restful sleep after treatment )
– She would need massages on a regular basis to find relief from OVER TIREDNESS and MALAISE felt on a regular basis which would otherwise leave her fatigued. This would give her a brief repose before returning her back to her state of discomfort.
(With the successful one month of remedying, those issues are resolving on their own without external help)
– Ending up at the hospital because of ANXIETY ATTACKS was an extreme cause of apprehension , fear and paranoia, always anticipating the worst.
Profuse Perspiration and palpitations would follow.
Leucorrhoea and inflammation were also a constant issue.
(All those cleared up with the therapeutic approach of healing at our facilities.)
-Would not like company that was not suited to her nature so she would stay away from people , labeling her an Anti Social.
Would feel strong aversion to company.
(But now it has changed to liking company after the curing effects of Homeopathy.)
– HEAT and COLD would both bother , in fact she would be intolerant to Air-conditioning in summers and heaters in winters to make matters worse.
This change of weather would cause muscular pains.
(But now after treatment She does not feel any discomfort when the weather changes.)
(Now with the regained mental strength she finds relief in her improved ability to focus and getting things done, which was impossible to accomplish with the anxiety issues.)
– She was a PERFECTIONIST, so getting things right was a priority and a necessity by nature.
– Disorderliness was unbearable, everything had to be in place otherwise it would cause mental unease.
– Forgetfulness ( AMNESIA) was prevalent and it would cause yet more irritability when she couldn’t remember things.
– Anxiety about future would keep her in a constant state of planning and brooding over things beyond control giving rise to uncertainty and paranoia.
 HURRIED in nature causing CONFUSION and INDECISIVENESS in affairs.
(After ONE MONTH treatment all the above hinderances have significantly reduced, where all the positivity comes without any effort or putting in extra thought.)
Amna’s own thoughts about herself..
I do not have anymore patience and tolerance left in me.
I am afraid I am becoming hard hearted after all this emotional distress.
I have become extremely sensitive, to the point of not being able to express my feelings without getting over excited.
The passing away of my mother caused an immense amount of sadness that I could not overcome leaving me languished. I would weep profusely but there was restriction over that at home with the in-laws along with so I had to find a lonely corner to cry and relieve my heart.
I suffer from amnesia now but the bothersome aspect of that is the anxiety and anguish felt at trying to remember what I forgot.
I love to travel , specially to the northern parts of Pakistan , loving the openness of the area which leaves me with aesthetic pleasure!
I have been allergic to milk since I was a child.
The doctors have diagnosed me with stomach worms and have treated me for that.
There is a fear and hatred of cats. I can’t have cats come close to me at all!
Post-Menstruations there is leucorrhea.
Lethargy and fatigue upon waking up from sleep.
I have tried everything to increase my weight of 42 KG , I have had had for years now.
Moving to Pakistan was a struggle and a cultural shock for me to get over with.
Dealing with two-faced people has been a challenge all my life, causing distress on the mental level.
I really need your help to regain my sanity, I do not want to die ,
I do not want to follow in the footsteps of those that caused me anguish.
I have forever strived for a better life and now you have to help me achieve one Dr Kaisrani.


Taking Amma’s case history, what was evident for me was her Suppression of Emotions, her entire life.
She was never able to reveal and live her inherent nature due to that, in fact she would hide all emotions for fear of censure.
She lived her early years abroad and later moved to a hostel in Pakistan away from family and family members.
That left her wanting in that sphere emotionally.
She gave herself wholeheartedly into her relationship with her in-laws, who in return took advantage of her selfless nature.
Unable to relieve herself of the negativity that she received at the hands of those she trusted, she herself was engulfed into psychological and emotional disorders.
Not being able to speak up for your rights even when you are entitled to it, poor Amna did not have the ability to stand for herself.
That unexpressed inner turmoil slowly churned into an amalgamation of chronic conditions like anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, worrying, negative thoughts, all working against her defensive mechanism.
Unconsciously her mind had been afflicted with FIXATION.
Her life was all about making others happy without considering her own needs and desires. Her only way to deal with anger was to suppress it.
She possessed a very captivating personality, as described by her colleagues.
People were easily swayed by her kind and gentle nature, yet her external appearance was not a reflection of the inner disturbance eating away at her health.
This constant neglect of her self, slowly manifested into the chronic illnesses that she is being treated for now.
Amna was prescribed the homeopathic remedy, STAPHYSAGRIA 200, which showed efficacy as soon as the very next day.
Three weeks into the treatment to address the weakness issues, she was prescribed to take HELONIAS Q in “ mother tincture” form.

Later stages might indicate the use of ARSENICUM ALBUM, TUBERCULINUM or KALI CARB.

Her monthly feedback is as follows showing promising results in that short amount of time.