Successful treatment of Chronic Ear Infections, Fungus, Tinnitus, Allergies, Piles, Fistula, Hemorrhoids and Migraine Headaches – A Feedback By the Patient 

I am a housewife, living in the city of Narowal, Pakistan with my 3 children.
After 10 years of marriage my husband had to move abroad for work, which meant for me to live by myself with my children.
This situation also meant having all household responsibilities to be solely mine to handle and to take care of all by myself.
I have had a long list of health issues, due to which I have spent a lot of my time dealing with those and my life had been severely afflicted by the pain and agony arising because of them.
It started with my ears getting infected about 10 years ago.
The infection was very complicated causing extreme pain in my ears.
The ears would drain yellow pus and become swollen causing pain along with Tinnitus / buzzing sounds. There would be greenish residue deeper inside the ear as well which smelt awful.
I consulted top ENT specialists regarding these infections but to no avail.
In fact they would be amazed to examine my ears exclaiming that they hadn’t seen anything like it and the ears were rotting internally.
Treatment with strong injectable antibiotics would cause the discharge to dry up and solidify into a black mass.
Post antibiotics I would get dryness and itching in the ears. I needed these injections thrice a day, but to little effect. If the right ear would stop draining, the infection would shift to the left side.
The pain was excruciatingly unbearable, it would spread beneath the earlobes and extending out into the neck, settling in the shoulders.
The ears would also need to be cleaned which was a very painful process in itself and I had to get that done thrice. The cleaning process would leave me debilitated, couldn’t even lift my head along with vertigo. Yet 2 days later the drainage and pus would reappear causing even more pain and my sleep would get affected drastically as well. I would also not be able to eat or drink properly.
I do not  know if this was my paranoia but whenever there would be a full moon, I would notice a swelling appearing behind my ear,  filled with pus and it would be itchy. This swelling would then decrease as the moon waned and converting into an itchy scab.
I couldn’t drink cold water, if I would take something cold someday, it would exacerbate the pain for that night.
Rainy season was another trigger for these ear infections getting worse.
Migraine headaches was another major issue that I suffered from. The pain during the migraine would start in the back of my head and slowly it would spread all over the head. Pain in the eyes would follow, then the jaws and finally settling in all of my face. Muscle spasms would follow the migraine. All this pain evidently affected my sleep greatly depriving me of resting properly.
Being in a state of rest was near impossible at any given time.
I wasn’t able to talk or have anyone talk to me, any movement of the mouth was an agony so I had to clench my teeth in order to muster a few words.
Noises were unbearable, along with inability to hear things from far off.
Any household chores were an impossibility to accomplish.
I was also chronically constipated in those days, the pain experienced during forced expulsion created sores and hemorrhoids.
Alternating that condition would be one of loose motions, diarrhea and nausea. I would not be able to eat during this period and would only rely on herbal teas. The stomach used to be cramping during this time causing much dis-ease.
Fungus was yet another issue I suffered from during the winter months. If water would touch my feet, my toes would get a fungal growth, swell and become itchy.
Mentally, these health issues had left me utterly debilitated, causing extreme irritability and angst.
I would yell at my children out of frustration, cursing and hitting them, because of uncontrollable anger and they would become victims of that condition.
I used to be confused all the time leaving me unable to think or concentrate on tasks at hand.
Over thinking made me obsess, keeping me restless and adding to even more confusion.
My husband had left me and our kids, to work abroad and his absence was a major setback for me emotionally and mentally.
Being depressed and worrying all the time was a natural disposition and it was beyond my control since his absence left me scarred for I missed him intensely and it was eating away at me internally.
This sense of insecurity trickled into my daily life where I could not deal with facing men or being able to talk to them. I would even be scared of relatives, unable to speak to them.
Self confidence was nil, strangers would scare me, socializing was an unacceptable chore (inept), didn’t like going anywhere or people coming to my house.
The insecurity caused anxieties, making me highly sensitive about the security of my children, worrying whenever they went out which wouldn’t go away until they would get back.
Negative thoughts would cause paranoia and agitation.
Nostalgic of days gone by, thinking of old times, old school, friends and acquaintances causing me to weeping uncontrollably (fits of crying).
Fear of death by cancer or some other incurable disease was another issue obsessing my thoughts. Cases of breast cancer in the family made that fear even worse.
Fear / Phobia of Death would make me apprehensive and any little change noticed on my body would heighten those feelings of paranoia.
Fear of heights , causing vertigo in high places , would imagine the walls would give away on roof tops and I would fall over.
Fear of thunderstorms, as if the lightning would fall upon me if I went outside, in fact I would go crazy with worry if I was outside and the weather would start changing during rainy season, I’d hurry to get back home as soon as possible and close all the doors and windows until it passed.
Sleep deprivation was a constant issue along with nightmares making matters worse.
I contacted the best homeopathic doctors around to no avail until fortunately, a friend from university got me in touch with Dr. Hussain Kaisrani.
I started my treatment with him for the first time over a phone consultation where he conveniently assessed my current health by asking detailed questions about all my health issues.
It was even more convenient for me when my medicines would arrive at my doorstep in a couple of days, making everything very easily manageable.
The first positive change I noticed was the calm I felt after starting my treatment with Dr. Kaisrani,
a sense of mental relief.
The medicines were doing their job but there was the added benefit of the psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Kaisrani, that affected my mental state very positively. Everything seems to be improving slowly but surely.
There were ups and downs during the treatment but eventually everything worked out.
It’s like all problems started melting away!
Starting with the ear infections, as soon as they disappeared, many other issues started resolving on their own ..
Migraine, constipation, Hemorroids, piles, fistula, the diarrhea .. everything was improving.
The holistic therapy has left me with no social anxiety, self confidence is restored, paranoias have vanished or hyper sensitivity regarding my children.
I recently moved houses from one city to another without any fear or apprehension , even got my children admitted into the best schools of my choice, proving how I am able to make big decisions now with confidence.
My relationship with my children has improved greatly, there is no mare hypersensitivity regarding their security or anxiety about their whereabouts!
We converse and hangout happily like normal families, no more scolding, hitting them, cursing or getting angry with them.
My husband still resides abroad for work but it does not bother me the way it used to anymore.
The intense feelings that agonized me in his absence have dissipated, leaving me content with my situation.
The psychotherapy provided by Dr. Kaisrani has resolved so many of the issues that plagued me for years.
Fear/phobia of death, fear of incurable diseases like cancer, fear of lightning and thunderstorms, changing weather, fear of heights, nostalgia causing anxiety and uncontrollable weeping, fear of earthquakes, have all vanished leaving me worry free.
This therapy has changed the way I think and perceive things, all fears are a thing of the past.
For many people all these dramatic changes will sound like a thing of the imagination but I am living proof of what this treatment did for me, under the special guidance and hard work of Dr. Kaisrani.
It’s God’s special gift upon me and my family and I am fortunate to be sharing my experiences today with everyone out of sheer joy and happiness of being free of those debilitating ailments.
And what might be also surprising to some is the fact that I have never met Dr Hussain in person to this day, we have always connected online through WhatsApp or phone to discuss everything, where he has always been readily available!
It was humbling how he would never show any unease or discomfort in dealing with my issues or my family’s day or night, in emergencies
To top that off our medicines would be dispatched to us overnight making this whole process of treating and healing a breeze, where we never had to leave our house for anything! This was specially convenient in the absence of my husband .
Dr Hussain Kaisrani, the way he dealt with my extraordinary amalgamation of mental , emotional and physical symptoms, to bring about a lasting cure has been nothing short of a miracle and in all honesty it’s entirely due to his diligence and sincerity to his patients that I have learnt the art of spreading Joy to all!


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