The process, Procedure and Fee Structure of Hussain Kaisrani ONLINE Homeopathic Treatment

Question: What is the fee for your treatment and what does it include?
Answer:  Before trying to understand the fee structure of the treatment offered, it is very important to understand the basic principles of Classical Homeopathy which is a “holistic way” of treating the patient as a whole, which include emotions, mind and body.
To start off this isn’t your conventional allopathic medical treatment where the focus is on symptoms and how to MANAGE them solely.
Homeopathic treatment involves your healer to take a very detailed review of your health on the mental, emotional and physical level, a totality.
The consultation may include but not limited to, questions about your physical symptoms, emotional or mental traumas, sleep patterns, environmental triggers, things that dis-ease the person or make them feel better, family history, food desires / aversions etc.
The lesser the detail, the lesser the chance at successful prescribing.
This time consuming process is called “taking the case” or “case discussion”.
This involves meeting in person or on-phone discussion with your healer for a duration of about 30 – 40 minutes followed up by a detailed research by the healer of about an hour or more of finding the SIMILIMUM (the best matching) remedy for the patient from about a list of more than 3000 homeopathic remedies to choose from.
That too is the remedy chosen for the “upper most layer” of the patient which is most prominent and visible at the given point and time.
This prescribing will generally bring about a visible and positive difference in the health of the patient depending on how much detail with exactness was provided, depth of the dis-ease and the general level of the health of the patient.
A 12 -15 day follow-up is scheduled for discussion over phone or in person to discuss any new or evolving symptoms in a similar way as before and a remedy is chosen for the current layer.
This process goes on up until the patient feels all health issues have been addressed, resolved and cured, and / or they do not have anything else left to share that needs addressing.
It’s only after taking the case that the fees can be determined for sure, for all individual cases need different amounts of attention, focus and energy from the prescriber along with how many remedies need to be prescribed.
The fees starts at Rs. 10,000 at least per month which includes case taking, prescribing, changing remedies as needed, changing potencies of the remedies and my availability for guidance throughout this time consuming process. This also includes dispatching the medicine to our patients through courier services (TCS) and can generally be received within 2 working days.
Cases taken abroad, the fees structure is as follows:
120 £ per month for patients in the U.K.
150 $ per month for patients in the USA.
This includes sending medicines to our patients as well.
All fees are due monthly in total and in advance to avoid any delays or inconveniences. 
Due to ongoing Corona crises, ONLY WhatsApp consultations are conveniently available.
Kindly contact @ +92 300 200 0210 for WhatsApp call Appointments.
Case taking does not require any fees, a 30 – 40 minute discussion is offered complimentary.


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